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Contents  The site lists more than two hundred books, from the earliest to the latest, and it identifies those titles that are still in print. [Total of all books in July 1, 2016: 231 titles.] Those books should be ordered directly from their original publishers (including C&C). In addition to lists of books, there are essays on various topics. Check the Subjects of Interest category with its drop-down menus. Also check the Blog where I explain what I am currently doing.

Online Poetry The texts of six of JRC’s poems appear online in the immense website known as “Representative Poetry” hosted by the University of Toronto Library. This link will take you to them. These are earlier poems composed by JRC.

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More of Less

In these pages are more than 175 poems and effects, along with twelve months of entries from the author’s daily journal. They document the year 2017 as lived by John Robert Colombo. Here are musings and amazements aplenty: tributes, reminiscences, plays on words, philosophical arguemtns, answers to unasked questions, lists, innovations, etc. The reader will be surprised at the turn of every page.

Soft cover. Designed by Bill Andersen. 6×9 inches, 296 pages, ISBN-10 1-894540-85-9 $50.00

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Beside the Point

Beside the Point is a new compendium of the adages, aphorisms, and epigrams that were composed over a three-year period by author and editor John Robert Colombo.
Here are some two thousand short and original remarks arranged in alphabetical order by subject or topic. What these works have in common is the merit of transience: sudden insights, plays on words, linguistic lapses, philosophical inquiries, expressions of opinions, odd and irrelevant pieces of information, verbal inversions and reversals, vivid interpretations, as well as recreation of impossible schemes and imaginative ideals.

Soft cover designed by Bill Andersen. 6×9 inches, 298 pages, ISBN-10 1-894540-86-7. $35

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Here For Now

Here for Now is a new collection of close to two hundred poems and effects composed during the calendar year 2016 by John Robert Colombo. The poet reacts to the issues of the day but in the main he offers observations and comments on cultural concerns, civilized values, and metaphysical matters of enduring interest. Also included are the daily entries of a year’s journal which to some extent place the poems and effects in the contexts of their times.

Toronto: Colombo & Company, 2017, trade paperback, 6″ x 9″, 258 pages. ISBN-10-1894540-84-0. $35.00

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Immense Estates

web-cover-2Immense Estates consists of all the poems that were composed by poet and anthologist John Robert Colombo during the calendar year 2015. The poems are arranged in chronological order and are also dated, so it is possible to read through the year in question, and by matching these texts with the entries in the writer’s daily journal, also included, it is possible to follow one person through the 365 days of the year in question. The texts are characterized by much speculation and more innovation and even clear innuendo, being rather philosophical in nature and suggestive of some imaginative formations uncommon in contemporary literature.

Immense Estates is a work of some latitude and considerable longitude. ISBN-10 1-894540-83-2 / ISBN-13 978-1-894540-83-4 / 6″ x 9″, 294 pages. Cover design by Bill Andersen.

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Covers updated

Bill Andersen has designed many book covers for John and Ruth Colombo. This slideshow includes them all, right up to JRC’s latest, Self-Schrift.

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Jules Verne’s Canada

verneIt is not widely known that the great French storyteller Jules Verne set seven of his exciting, action-packed adventure novels in Canada, that is, in Upper Canada and Lower Canada, in the Klondike, in the Mackenzie District, in the Niagara District … on land, on tundra, on plains, on rivers, on seas, on icefloes, and in the air. Here are the complete texts in English translation of these seven novels, collected by John Robert Colombo, who contributes the foreword titled “Jules Verne’s Canada,” and the scholar and author Jean-Louis Trudel contributes an afterword, a scholarly study of “Jules Verne’s Influence on French-Canadian Science Fiction.”

Folio size, 628 double-columned pages. Order from website of The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box.

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self-scrift-web-illus--275Self-Schrift consists of commentaries on all the books written, compiled, edited, and translated by John Robert Colombo.

Here the prolific author and editor offers commentaries – anecdotes, insights, appreciations, criticisms, ideas, theories, etc. – about all of the 230 titles that he has published over the last half century. Also included is a list of other authors’ books that bear the imprint of Colombo & Company. 330 pages.

Available from the publisher as a print book or from Amazon Kindle as an ebook.

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Latest publication

uncommonplaces350My latest publication is Uncommonplaces: Aphorisms of John Robert Colombo. It consists more than 3,400 original aphorisms and aphoristic-style expressions. (They are arranged from Abilities to Zombies.) A separate section offers close to 300 more evocations that are devoted to men and women prominent in public life known personally to the aphorist. They range from Acorn to Zukofsky. Uncommonplaces has a striking cover designed by writer, designer, and photographer Bill Andersen. Trade paperback, full-colour covers, 6″ x 9″, 408 pages. ISBN 978-1-894-540-73-5. Colombo & Company, $50.00 + postage and handling. Also available as an Amazon Kindle e-book edition.

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Some Recent Books

Noted by John Robert Colombo

Some time has passed since I last faced the task of reviewing current books of interest to readers who value psychopraxia. One reason for my tardiness is that I have been busy preparing the second edition of “The Occult Webb.” Sixteen years ago I collected all the information that I could find on the life and work of James Webb, the Anglo-Scottish historian of what he regarded as “rejected knowledge.” His magnum opus is “The Harmonious Circle” and it has yet to be bettered as the single most comprehensive guide to the personalities and principles involved in the appearance and development in the West of what was once known as the Special Doctrine but is known as the Fourth Way or to practitioners as the Work. Continue reading

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Colombo on Kindle


I had not realized until April 2015 that so many of my books were available as ebooks through the medium of Amazon Kindle. Friend and designer Bill Andersen offered to collect the books — not only current and backlist titles issued by publishers like the Dundurn Group, but also the four original publications that bear the imprint of Colombo & Company. There are twenty titles here and there will be more. Simply click on an icon for a description of that title and easy ordering information.

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Ruth Colombo’s most recent poetry

words-on-parole-bookWords on Parole is the title of Ruth Colombo’s newest book of poems. It speaks of release, and the poems in this collection speak of release from concurrent life sentences. There is fascination with justice. There is perception in the  hindsight of childhood and reflection in the foresight of old age and death. In between, there is insight into the dynamic between sisters, and the dialogue between the poet and mentors such as a landlady in childhood and a mother-in-law in decline. There is thought and feeling and sentences aching for truth in this collection from a poet who has always wanted to be her own woman, and who likes the self she has forged, a self who wants to write about the world from the great monolith of Australia to the Third Rome in Russia. Words on Parole is the sequel to Concurrent Life Sentences, the earlier volume of autobiographical poetry. Both books are trade paperbacks with visually striking covers designed by Bill Andersen.

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Late in the Day

Late in the Day is the title of this collection of the poems and effects composed during the year 2014 by John Robert Colombo. As well as the texts of 101 poems, the collection includes diary entries that focus on the events of each day of the year. The wrap-around cover is the brilliant design of Bill Andersen It confines the text (title and byline) to spine of the trade paperback book, although sharp eyes will discern that the shadows of the letters of the title have become part of the front cover. The poems range over history and literature, philosophy and speculation. Card cover, 6×9 inches. ISBN 978-1-894-540-74-2. 248 pages.

You may download a PDF version of the book here, free of charge.

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Slideshow with music bed

This is a collection of covers for books published relatively recently by authors John Robert Colombo and Ruth Colombo. (In the case of the Sax Rohmer’s Sumuru, JRC contributed the foreword.)

The covers were designed by Bill Andersen, in collaboration with the authors. The music bed is sampled from this album, if you wish to purchase it online. John Robert Colombo has an extensive list of titles now available as Kindle ebooks.

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uncommonplaces-300pxThe subtitle of Uncommonplaces is “New Aphorisms of John Robert Colombo.” There are more than 3,400 original aphorisms and surprising aphoristic expressions, as well as a separate section which offers close to 300 more aphorisms which attempt to describe those men and women the aphorist has met. All the contents have been arranged in alphabetical order by subject, so they range from Abilities to Zombies, or in the case of the personalities, from Acorn to Zukofsky. Colombo writes, “There are words around us that we resist using at our pleasure or peril, and these words are the most common ones.” By and large these commonplaces (or platitudes) whirl about like dervishes until they become uncommonplaces, remarks worth pondering. 400 pages. Now available as an Amazon Kindle at US $6.99.

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Sisters Agonistes


Sisters Agonistes is the overall title of a trilogy of three volumes of dramatic poetry written in epic vein by Ruth Colombo. The individual titles of the volumes in the trilogy are Sisters of Elysium, Sisters of Earth, and Sisters of Olympus. They describe the struggles of women both mortal and immortal through the ages and stages of life from girlhood as kore, through maturity as corona, and through old age as crone. The immortal players are the goddesses of Ancient Greece and there is much debate among the goddesses. The mortal players are the defeated Trojan women and the depleted Greek women of the House of Atreus. There is also much debate between mortal sisters, immortal sisters, and between mortal sisters and certain immortal archetypes.

The trilogy will be published in a limited edition in August 2014 by Colombo & Company. Email for complete details.

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Ghosts Over Canada now on Kindle

Ghosts-colombo-blog-300John Robert Colombo has been called “Canada’s Mr. Mystery” for such publications as Mysterious Canada. Over the years he has edited three dozen compilations of descriptions of weird events and odd experiences recorded by Canadians of all walks of life, from all parts of the country, and from the days of Samuel de Champlain to the era of Stephen Harper. Ghosts over Canada is the latest in this series; it consists of more than 30 brand-new, told-as-true accounts of ghosts and spirits, poltergeists and hauntings, in the words of the informants themselves. This scary book, with a ghostly cover specially designed by Bill Andersen, is available as an Amazon ebook for Kindle readers.

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