A Far Cry

My latest publication is titled “A Far Cry” and it consists of the poems that I composed during the last calendar year. Here is what it says on the back cover of the 192-page trade paperback:

A Far Cry is a new collection of poetry written by John Robert Colombo. The composition of these poems took place during the calendar year 2008. The sweep and depth of treatment of subject and topic are bracing. There is a memoir for designer yves Saint laurent and a description of Malta’s prehistoric temples. Included are considerations of the composition of the human brain as well as of the complexity of love. Poets are recalled: Akhmatove, Cavafy, Darwish, outram, Rilke, Whipple, Whitman. Nostalgia is served with descdriptions of films noir, especially actress Patricia Jessel, Dr. Ordway the Crime Doctor, and Chester Morris as Boston Blackie. Word play and love of language and odd bits of learning are ever-present. Here is a book that celebrates in an imaginative and idiosyncratic manner the extrania of life.”

The publisher is Colombo & Company, ISBN-10 1-894540-64-6, and the price is $30.

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