A One-Volume-Frye

northrop-frye-cover-300For the last ten years friends of mine have been listening to me describe this “work in progress.” The work is The Northrop Frye Quote Book, and while it took a decade to research and compile, it has finally appeared in this handsome, trade paperback edition published by Dundurn. The text consists of 3,600 “quotable quotes” from the writings of the country’s and one of the world’s leading literary critics and scholars. I selected the quotations, complete with their sources, to illuminate 1,100 subject-headings which range from Abortion to Zodiac. There are 356 double-columned pages and the volume includes my Introduction as well as a Biographical Appreciation written by Jean O’Grady of the Northrop Frye Centre of Victoria College, University of Toronto. Here is an ideal book for browsing and reference. It may be described as “a one-volume Frye.” After reading Northrop Frye’s “quotable quotes,” the world will appear more wondrous than ever!

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