Distant Places


Distant Places: Poems and Effects of 2023 consists of the gleanings of one year in the life of the author – that is the thoughts, remarks, observations, impressions, readings, quips, quotations, etc., not to mention the “poems and effects” produced during the calendar year of 2023. It may or may not have been a vintage year, but it was a productive one, at least when it comes to examining one’s thoughts about what has been happening to and in the world, its abrupt changes and stark calamities, as well as its long-lasting achievements and technical accomplishments of one sort or another. The author in question is John Robert Colombo who includes in this mix some of his own poems and quotations along with the social observations of other people to create an admixture that might be considered to be what was once known as “a commonplace book.” Yes, that is what Distant Places is … a way of finding the whole in an aggregation or assemblage of its parts.

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