Fascinating Canada is a book about offbeat Canadiana. It is not a quiz book, though it does consist of questions and answers – 357 short questions and 357 long answers. The subjects cover the waterfront (from Highway of Tears to the peculiar portrait of Brian Mulroney that hangs in the House of Commons). The book could be described as consisting of “trivia,” but I describe it as consisting of “treasures,” because one of the components of self-knowledge is national knowledge, nourishing a curiosity about what has happened here in the past and what is happening here right now. The arrangement of the book is by four categories: People, Places, Things, Ideas. There is an Index and a Preface which explains what it is all about. Fascinating Canada is published by Dundurn as a trade paperback: 6″ x 9″, 246 pages. It is available, as we used to say, “at better bookstores.” $19.99. Chimo!

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