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Here you will find some sentences on my occasional thoughts and experiences.

Latest Book   I am writing this on February 19, 2011, after picking up from the printer the first batch of copies of Entresol, the latest collection of some 200 poems and effects written during the calendar year 2010. The book bears the illustrious C&C imprint. The shortest poem in the collection is this one on page 111, for it consists of one word contained within another word: cHERish. It is called “Word for Ruth.” 

Other Matters  I want to draw the browser’s attention to the fact that I have written close to fifty articles, reviews, and commentaries on “consciousness studies,” and that these appear on Sophia Wellbeloved’s Gurdjieff Books website. It may be reached via

To read the current review (of the sole book of Madame de Salzmann’s) simply type into a search engine like Google the following (magical) words: “Madame de Salzmann Colombo”!

Output of Oeuvre   In preparing this website, I decided to count the number of books which bear my name as author, editor, or translator. The number of titles (to use the reference librarian’s term) is 211, as of November 22, 2010. To be more discerning, the total includes some later reprints of some earlier titles when they constitute new editions as well as a fair number of titles of “passing interest.”

The breakdown runs like this: Poems (47), Poetry Anthologies (11), Aphorisms (8), Canadiana (14), Quote Books (7), Reference Books (6), Compilations (22), Humour & Lore (33), Mysteries (19), Personal Accounts Series (12), Monograms (6), Native Studies (7), Translations (19).

Texts of Poems   I plan to present the texts of some poems in this blog but have not as yet done so. In the meantime, the browser who is interested in reading a selection of poems is urged to do so by accessing the University of Toronto’s Representative Poetry website. Here is the portal:

Such industry! Some authors have changed the world with a single book. I am still struggling … !

That’s it for … now. Chino!

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