Gnomology is an old word for an even older activity: the study, collecting, and writing of aphorisms and aphoristic expressions. James Geary, the English newspaperman and authority on the subject of aphorisms, has called John Robert Colombo “a modern gnomologist.”

Imponderables is the title of Colombo’s latest collection of 1,500 of these expressions. The aphorisms here offer insights into and outlooks onto topics and subjects arranged alphabetically from the first letter A to the last word Zombies.

This collection of original thought-provoking (and occasionally irritating) remarks is published by Colombo & Company in a trade paperback edition with a stunning cover designed by Bill Andersen. The edition measures 5.5 inches by 8.25 inches and consists of 226 pages. $30. ISBN-10-894540-60-3.

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