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Animated Poems (directed by Kristin Somborac)

Recipe for a Canadian Novel

Domestic Weaponry

If the Rest of the World

Animated Poems (produced by the NFB)

A Said Poem

Riverdale Lion

Poems of Space and Time

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

Canadian Poetry on Line – University of Toronto

Official site

Wikipedia entries
John Robert Colombo – Wikipedia

Hosts of Two National Television Series

Colombo Quotes
CBC-TV, 6-part quiz and panel show with high-school students. Directed by Richard Donovan in six different Canadian cities, 2 April to 4 June 1978.

Unexplained Canada
KarowPrime Films, 6-part historical-social study of Canadian “mysteries.” Space Channel and CBC-TV, launched January 2006, directed by Sean C. Karrow. Each episode deals with a given mystery: Coghlan’s Coffin, The Lake of Healing Waters, Plains of Abraham Mysteries, Revelstone Event, The Vanishing Village of the Dead, The Windigo.

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