Fantastic Literature

Worlds in Small (1992)
Small Wonders (2000)
Miniatures (2006)
Leacock’s Fantasia (2 volumes, 2007)
Leacock’s Mysteries (2007)
CDN SF&F (1979)
Other Canadas (1979)
Blackwood’s Books (1981)
Friendly Aliens (1981)
Not to Be Taken at Night (1981)
Leslie A. Croutch: Years of Light (1982)
Ralph Huntingford: The True Canadian (2000)
Algernon Blackwood’s Canadian Tales of Terror (2004)
Maurice Level: Stories of Fear and Fascination (2007)
Tesseracts 14 (2010), co-editor
The Sumuru Omnibus ((2010) by Sax Rohmer, editor
Tears of Our Lady: The Wisdom of Sumuru Recounted by Sax Rohmer (2010), editor
The Crime Magnet: The Adventures of Major Bernard de Treville (2012)
Pipe Dreams: Occasional Writings of Sax Rohmer (2012), editor
A Rohmer Miscellany (2014)

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