Bulgarian (with Nicola Roussanoff)

Under the Eaves of a Forgotten Village (1975)
The Balkan Range (1976)
Lyubomir Levchev: The Left-handed One (1977)
Andrei Germanov: Remember Me Well (1978)
Dora Gabe: Depths (1978)

Spanish (with Susana Wald)

Eluard & Péret: 152 Proverbs Adapted to the Taste of the Day (1975)
Ludwig Zeller: When the Animal Rises from the Deep the Head Explodes (1976)
Ludwig Zeller: Mirages (1977)

Polish (with Waclaw Iwaniuk)

Waclaw Iwaniuk: Dark Times (1979)
Waclaw Iwaniuk: Evenings on Lake Ontario (1981)
Ewa Lipska: Such Times (1981)


                  Pavel Javor: Far from You (1981)

Romanian (with Petronela Negosanu)

Marin Sorescu: Selected Poems (1982)

Hungarian (with George Jonas, Robert Zend, George Faludy)

Robert Zend: From Zero to One (1973)
George Faludy: East & West (1978)
Robert Zend: Beyond Labels (1982)
George Faludy: Learn This Poem of Mine by Heart (1983)
Some Hungarian Poets (with George Jonas, 1995)
George Faludy: Two for Faludy (2006)

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