Notebook Six: Occasional Writings

Notebook Six: Occasional Writings consists of those 500 prose texts that were not included in The Notebooks of John Robert Colombo, the general title of the uniform set of five volumes issued in the Summer of 2018 that collected Colombo’s blogs, blurbs, interviews, questions and answers, notations, essays, récits, letters, literary materials, etc. These were composed between 1957 and 2020.

Notebook Six appears not as a book but as a fully searchable PDF.
Cover design by Bill Andersen. ISBN-10 1894540-25-5. Colombo & Company, 2023.

The present volume, being issued in 2023, exceeds 200,000 words in length, and includes texts that were over overlooked in the original selection process or were more recently completed.

“To call John Robert prolific would be a serious understatement.”
– Moses Znaimer, broadcaster and host, introducing JRC’s 2002 ideaCity address titled “Talking Canada and Why We Should Preserve Our Heritage of Eloquence and Wisdom.” 

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