Remains to Be Seen

Remains to Be Seen with its equivocal title is a collection of the “Poems and Effects of 2019” composed by the Toronto poet and editor John Robert Colombo. There are over one hundred texts here in the sixteenth volume in this series of “poetry annuals” issued since the year 2005. These collections offer unexpected insights into the society of the poet and the world at large. Included is the author’s journal in prose for the same period of time. For the inventive use of language and unusual views of life under constraints, Remains to Be Seen is a work of complexity and charm. 

ISBN-10 1-894540-92-1 / ISBN-13 978-1-894540-92-6. Cover design and photo by Bill Andersen. Trade paperback format, 6 x 9 inches, 188 pages. $35.00 plus postage and handling.

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