Some Astonishing Stories!

Canadian Hauntings

John Robert Colombo’s latest publication The Big Book of Canadian Hauntings is another jumbo-sized collection of told-as-true ghost stories told by Canadians past and present. It measures 7 inches by 10 inches and comes to 536 pages. It offers first-person accounts of the appearances (and disappearances!) of ghosts and spirits as well as considerations and discussions of their effects on observers. Some of the scary tales are reprinted from newspapers and periodicals of the past, but the majority are based on verbatim accounts preserved in the words of the witnesses themselves.

So whether you believe in ghosts, spirits, spooks, spectres, or poltergeists, or not at all, after reading these narratives, contributed by Canadians from all walks of life, you definitely won’t be indifferent to them!

The Big Book of Canadian Hauntings has been published by Dundurn Press. ISBN 978-1-55488-449-0. $29.95

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