Tears of Our Lady

Tears of Our Lady is a book that resists ready description because it is singular. It attempts to recreate the monograph called Tears of Our Lady which was introduced by the English mystery-story writer Sax Rohmer into the pages of the five fantasy and action-adventure novels that he wrote in the 1950s. These novels are devoted to the amazing (and absurd) schemes, conspiracies, and adventures of Sumuru, the beautiful and mysterious femme-fatale intent on world domination. (She is a successor of Rohmer’s earlier and infamous fictional creation, Dr. Fu Manchu.) John Robert Colombo, author and anthologist and long-time connoisseur and collector of Rohmer’s writings, has contributed an informative essay titled “The Wisdom of Sumuru.” He has “recreated” the theme if not the text of the fictional monograph through quotations from passages of dialogue and speech that appear in the five novels. It is a companion-piece to the same editor/writer’s edition of The Sumuru Omnibus.) Tears of Our Lady is a booklet published by The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box, 5.25″ x 8.5″, 62 pages. ISBN 987-1-55246-917-0.

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