Canadian Mysteries

“They are the best collections of their kind
being produced by anyone,
anywhere, as far as I can see.” (Hilary Evans)

The Big Book of Canadian Hauntings (Dundurn, 2009)
The Big Book of Canadian Ghost Stories (Dundurn, 2008)
Strange But True (Hounslow / Dundurn, 2007)
More True Canadian Ghost Stories (Prospero, 2005)
Terrors of the Night (Hounslow / Dundurn, 2005)
The Monster Book of Canadian Monsters (BSDB, 2004)
True Canadian UFO Stories (Prospero, 2004)
The Midnight Hour (Hounslow / Dundurn, 2004)
True Canadian Ghost Stories (Prospero, 2003)
Many Mysteries (C&C, 2001)
Ghost Stories of Canada (Hounslow, 2000)
Ghosts in Our Past (C&C, 2000)
Weird Stories (C&C, 1999)
The UFO Quote Book (C&C, 1999)
Mysteries of Ontario (Hounslow, 1999)
Singular Stories (C&C, 1999)
Three Mysteries of Nova Scotia (C&C, 1999)
The UFO Quote Book (C&C, 1999)
Closer than You Think (C&C, 1998)
Marvellous Stories (C&C, 1998)
Haunted Toronto (Hounslow, 1996)
Ghost Stories of Ontario (Hounslow, 1995)
Strange Stories (C&C, 1994)
Singular Stories (C&C, 1994)
Ghosts Galore! (C&C, 1994)
Close Encounters of the Canadian Kind (C&C, 1994)
Voices of Rama (C&C, 1994)
The Mystery of the Shaking Tent (C&C, 1993)
Dark Visions (Hounslow, 1992)
The Little Book of UFOs (Pulp Press, 1992)
UFOs over Canada (Hounslow, 1991)
Mackenzie King’s Ghost (Hounslow, 1991)
Mysterious Encounters (Hounslow, 1990)
Extraordinary Experiences (Hounslow, 1989)
Mysterious Canada (Doubleday, 1988)
Windigo (Western Producer Prairie Books, 1982)
Colombo’s Book of Marvels (NC Press, 1979)

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