Workbooks for the Fourth Way

Workbooks for the Fourth Way is the overall title of a series of essays, articles, reviews, and notices concerned with the Fourth Way. Over a period of two years, forty issues appeared every two or so weeks on the Internet and were researched and written for friends, colleagues, subscribers, and browsers. There was no cost for anyone. Some of these forty issues may still be found on the Internet, but it seemed reasonable that anyone interested in one issue might be interested in all forty issues if they were collected and made available in their original order. An issue might include one, two, three, four, five, or so items of interest. Here they appear as they were published but without their original illustrations which have been dropped for reasons of copyright. The series was devised and written by John Robert Colombo, Toronto author, editor, and anthologist. There is no group affiliation and the term Fourth Way is used in a generic way rather than in a specific sense. “The essays were written to satisfy my own curiosity and to include any references to Canada in the literature of the Work. I reasoned that if I was going to read books about matters like these, I might as well write about them while I could still recall their contents. It may be that I overestimated the curiosity of the educated public as the number of subscribers never exceeded seventy-five persons – plus the number of casual researchers or interested browsers which of course could not be estimated. Somewhat earlier, while it appeared irregularly, I contributed perhaps seventy-five reviews to the scholarly based website overseen by Sophia Wellbeloved. (The present work is dedicated to the memory of this Oxford-based scholar and author.) The reviews that she published written by various people are of continuing interest and have yet to be collected. The present work was formatted and then reformatted by Bill Andersen, designer and friend, to whom I am most grateful.” JRC

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